Why are most people that own businesses so inspirational and so well regarded? It is a dream of many young people to get a business degree and then go on to persuading their own endeavor in the industry. Business degrees are the most popular subjects at UK universities and attracts people from around the world. There must be something there! 

You need to get appropriate experience to become a good business owner. You can go to university or college or maybe you have a wonderful opportunity to learn from your parents or relatives if they own businesses’. Experience is the most valuable as you will have employees that look up to you and are there to learn from you to expand your business. Don’t omit self-education. Read every book on the subject you are passionate about. This will help you have a conversation with any successful business person you admire. 


Hard work will be an everyday necessity. You are building your own company so you got to put in the building blocks. Be prepared for long hours and late days. Once you become more successful it will be easier but you will be on the grind in the beginning. It is also important to be responsible. Your company – your rules, but also your effort and accountability.  

And most importantly build connections. Remember the part where I suggested reading lots of books about your passions. This will come in handy during networking events. Knowing your stuff is the best way to make your mark in the business. If other businesses need your expertise you will never be out of work. If you have an inspiring story – share it. People love to relate to people and connect with your struggles of starting a business.  

These are my main short tips of being a successful business owner. I realised this over a number of years and I hope you can do that faster after reading this blog post.